The Alpha-Rex Advantage


About the Company


We specialize in working with sellers and buyers in the commercial real estate investment space. Through our network, we orchestrate the right deal, for the right client, at the right time, and at the right price.


We effectively communicate the most current information available throughout the transactional continuum providing a deeper perspective to ensure you are completely informed to make the best business decisions, PERIOD!


We pride ourselves on our collective experience of decades worth of client‐centered collaboration. With a boutique business’s touch, we ensure our sole focus is your experience as a client.

Mastering the Middle is a Process

Mastering the middle is a process that involves impeccable follow up, specific communication of real time data, and wading through the mire of a commercial real estate transaction. The middle is the time between initial listing and final closing—the “sign and recline.” It is a time where the tall grass and jungle of peaks and valleys during the transaction process can cloud the view of the final destination. In the past, we have seen real estates companies leave their clients in the middle—when they need them most. Alpha Real Estate Exchange demonstrates that it really cares for and defends the best interests of those we’re serving by bringing clients alongside and guiding them through “the middle.” Mastering the Middle brings our passion for a client-centered business into focus…front and center.

At Alpha Real Estate Exchange, the client comes first…not just in one thing, but in everything.

Albert J. Haddad, the founder of Alpha Real Estate Exchange

A product of Detroit, Michigan, Albert grew up during a turbulent time in the city’s history. Much like the city, he has persevered with grit and determination. From the streets of Detroit, Albert’s journey has shaped every aspect of Alpha‐ Rex’s mission and purpose.

Our founder’s vast experience in the business world has carved a path that has allowed everything he’s accomplished to be done with a visionary’s passion, a minimalist’s simplicity, and a humble courage.

Albert’s obsession for a client‐centered business that focuses on the needs of his clients has led to the emergence of Alpha Real Estate Exchange. He has taken the lessons learned in the real estate business environment, along with other business sectors he has grown, to create an experience for clients focused on their best interests. To accomplish this, he’s surrounded himself with a team of experienced professionals who facilitate business transactions from beginning to end by focusing their breadth of expertise to “mastering the middle.”

Albert J. Haddad



Albert J. Haddad is the founder of Alpha Real Estate Exchange. During his 25+ year career in commercial real estate, Albert has taken his client-centered approach to orchestrating over 1,000 transactions and exceeding $1 billion in investment grade commercial real estate value. Alpha-Rex was born from his desire to create a healthier, more effective client-centric business model for investment sales. Ultimately, the needs of each client are not just one thing…they’re everything!

Michael S. Weinstein

Director of Operations


Michael S. Weinstein joins the Alpha Real Estate Exchange team with over twenty years of data and analytics. Most recently, he was the Senior Sales Executive for CoStar Group. He is a client oriented, hard-working, experienced leader with a rich background in sales and account development, helping drive the Alpha-Rex team forward.


Vice President


Arthur Itkis joins the Alpha Real Estate Exchange team as the former VP and Associate Director at JLL Retail’s Detroit office. He has spent the last 17 years specializing in representing national, regional, and local companies in the acquisition and disposition of his clients' retail properties. Dedicated to his craft, Arthur brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Alpha-Rex team.

David A. Goldberg

General Counsel


David Goldberg joins the Alpha-Rex team with 26 years of legal experience, including two decades of Real Estate focused experience. He started his own firm in November of 2012 where he represented individuals and small business in real estate transactions and development. David not only brings his legal mind to the Alpha-Rex team, but also experience as a broker in real estate transactions.